October 9, 2012
Deliverables from Phase 3 now available

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June 6, 2012
Pre-conference presentations available on seminar page!

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February 21, 2012
Tivit Future Internet pre-conference @ 3rd European Summit on the Future Internet, 30.5.2012

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Public Deliverables (Phase 3)

Deliverable Name Link
FI3-D1.1.1 Business model analysis and feasibility study for providing virtual internetworking service pdf
FI3-D1.1.2 Detailed study on designing, implementing and deploying virtual internetworking service.  
FI3-D1.1.3 PhD thesis concluding deliverables D1, D2 and existing WP1 work  
FI3-D1.1.4 Study on MPTCP performance  
FI3-D1.1.6 Study on cognitive resource management for multi-access networks pdf
FI3-D1.2.1 Feasibility study on the existing and forthcoming access selection mechanisms (3GPP, IETF, WFA). Identify the most promising mechanism, or combination of mechanisms. pdf
FI3-D1.2.2 + D1.2.3 Report of the implementation and demonstration of the selected solutions on mobile terminals.  pdf
FI3-D1.2.4 Fast access selection and fast authentication analysis of IEEE mechanisms pdf
FI3-D1.2.5 Master thesis on MP-RTP pdf
FI3-D1.2.6 AVTCORE WG Draft on MP-RTP with WG consensus ietf
FI3-D1.3.1 Analysis of dynamic path diversity tools (TEXCP, TRUMP, MIRTO, MACON) pdf
FI3-D1.3.3 Inter-operator incentives in multi-path routing (Thesis work)  
FI3-D1.3.4 Best path selection algorithm based on factor and regression analysis with demonstration  
FI3-D1.4.1 Implementation of multiaccess enhanced bittorrent for mobile devices pdf
FI3-D1.4.3 Performance comparison of plain bittorrent, bittorrent with MPTCP and multiaccess enhanced bittorrent.  
FI3-D1.5.1 OpenWRT Click emulation platform  
FI3-D1.5.2 Reference router platform running Linux  
FI3-D1.5.3 Hardware-accelerated Click using Octeon pdf
FI3-D1.5.4 Click-to-Hardware Compiler pdf
FI3-D1.6.1 The report of continuance of network and services pdf
FI3-D2.1.1 Performance measurement study of mobile data communication over cellular access. pdf
FI3-D2.1.4 Study of middle-box behavior on network layer protocols pdf
FI3-D2.1.5 Study of middle-box behavior on transport layer protocols pdf
FI3-D2.1.7 Study on estimating available bandwidth  
FI3-D2.1.8 IETF transport area documents pdf
FI3-D2.2.1 Position paper on connecting BT-LE sensors with the Internet using IPv6 pdf
FI3-D2.2.2 Tutorial/magazine type report on challenges and potential solutions  
FI3-D2.2.3 BT-LE/IPv6 router features as part of a standard (BT-SIG) pdf
FI3-D2.2.4 BT-LE/IPv6 router features published as informational IETF RFC pdf
FI3-D2.2.5 + FI3-D2.2.6 E2E energy model of sensors connected to internet via phones pdf
FI3-D2.3.1 Paper submission on multihop fragmentation in DTNs  
FI3-D2.3.2 Report on test deployment of a set of prototype nodes in the Kemi mine.  
FI3-D2.3.3 Paper on DTN routing and performance gains in mining environments pdf
FI3-D3.1.1 Summary of publications  
FI3-D3.1.2 Summary of publications  
FI3-D3.1.3 WP3 Workshop  
FI3-D3.1.5 BitTorrent demo  
FI3-D3.1.6 PlanetLab demo  
FI3-D3.1.7 Prototype of a communication
layer for Internet of Things
running on top of DHT
FI3-D3.2.1 Summary of publications  
FI3-D3.2.2 Summary of publications  
FI3-D3.2.3 WP3 Workshop  
FI3-D3.2.5 BitTorrent-based  demo for information-centric network architectures, with secure naming and caching and storage enhancements included in FI3-D1.4.1
FI3-D3.2.6 A prototype of Openvswitch/Click-based caching/transport doc
FI3-D6.1.1 Botnets - Properties and basics (Bachelor's Thesis)  
FI3-D6.1.2 Research report on the latest bot and botnet detection techniques  
FI3-D6.2.1 Research report on the development of Machine Learning-based methods for detecting malicious objects and activities in the client machines and in the backend systems  
FI3-D6.2.2 Research report on Anomaly Detection methods and prototypes, where the anomaly detection logic in the client is complemented by the misuse detection logic in the client and, possibly, by the backend logic for correlating data from multiple clients.  
FI3-D6.2.4 Report on visualization of network event logs, anomalies and security policies. pdf
FI3-D6.2.5 Research report on decision-making of a security officer in a large information system when selecting data features for security anomaly detection pdf
FI3-D6.3.1 User study reports on security perceptions and experiences  
FI3-D6.3.2 A light-weight prototype and user study on the prototype OR
Recommendations on what functionality should be offered to the users in various usage contexts, how the functionality should be packaged and presented, what sort of services should be offered in each context, etc;

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